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2838:40 AM: The Havisham Hour. Day/Page/Sketch 283 of 513 from Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations –Pulvis et umbra sumus.



282It feels like we’re heading to this place where silencing the truth will actually set you free. Or perhaps it’s the other way around: people are afraid their truths could be outed.


279There is a fair amount of pride in each act of self-renunciation. There’s nothing discrete or considerate about it. By renouncing to yourself you’re condemning other people’s pleasures.
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273I dislike so much to be late that I usually take too much time ahead to be somewhere. Sometimes it doesn’t work, though. The other day I even forgot to meet. I was devastated. I end up apologizing for it. I think I apologize too much sometimes. Apologies don’t make up for time loss. I wish they did.