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457The times I feel I will fall in sick precisely when my responsibility is indispensable. Ideas may seem more useless than things, but they hold the same power to wear you and tear you. When you think you may get sick, you get sick.

4568:40 AM: The Havisham Hour. Day/Page/Sketch 456 of 513 from Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. –Those times when I feel like a resentful harlequin, drinking the bitter venom of others while being left in a corner to smile. I pull the petals of a daisy that a stranger slipped under the door: detains me, detains me not.– Page read by JULIO PANISELLO here: Visit to order fine prints, listen to previous podcasts, and to learn more about this project. ©2014 Julio Panisello.

450Every time I attend a funeral it seems the person who just left lived an impeccable life, a flawless existence. No one wants to remember the struggles, the omissions, the agony and doubt. No one wants to remember the crisis and the chaos. No one tells you that we exist as long as we suffer.

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449Why are we always encouraged to pardon our enemies, to learn from them, to conquer them with love? I’m not interested in that kind of salvation, not fond of any kind of lesson in there. I like to keep my doubts, I like to settle my thoughts. I have no problem embracing scorn.

448What’s tremendous about being subjected against your will is not the suffering or the subjection itself. It is grasping the fact that another person has control over you. They decide what you will hear, do, and feel. Is it love or is it pain?

447Fear has a bitter cold taste, and it’s painful. It is always uninvited and unexpected and it leaves on its own terms. Fear makes us hurt ourselves, it overwhelms us. You can’t look at it, you can’t scape from it, you can’t divide it, and you can’t forget it.