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316A few times in my life I’ve had the feeling of getting to a turning point, a specific moment when I knew my expectations would not be deceiving and so they didn’t have to be lowered. It’s happened perhaps only twice, maybe 3 times? I think that’s plenty.


315It seems like today no one gives out patronage to other people without seeking recognition. The Good Samaritan doesn’t want to remain silent and anonymous anymore, but rather expects being in the spotlight, anticipating the applause, presuming the attention.

Special thanks to the Bouvier Beale family

312It’s amazing how we can be so unconsciously insensitive sometimes, and say the most hurtful things while being completely unaware of our own stupidity. I think part of that is caused when you have the same kind of friends, that talk the same, think the same, and look the same. Care for someone different than you and you will be a better person.


309My History teacher in High School was also my college counselor. She reproved me for thinking of a career in Fine Arts. She said it was a waste. My brother was already in college, and he encouraged me to take it. After much thought, I listened to my brother. I’m glad I did. But I also wanted to study architecture. I still do.