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486There is no reason to worry about time running out. Nothing can be solved in this world anyway, so look affectionately to me, I will take you back and tell you a secret before you return to the present and die.– Page read by JESSICA NICOLE WEBB.

485I have never deserted you. The fact is that Death, the experience of nothingness, ultimately shows up under a ridiculous spotlight and takes you away. What does it really mean? I doubt my last words will be “I never complain”. We always complain, we build our lives over a graveyard of complaints.– Page read by WILL BRITTAIN.

484The world doesn’t care what you think or what you do. It’s not that people are mean, everyone is busy. Instead of pushing out petitions for attention out in the cold, dusty night, why don’t you simply enjoy the freedom you get from within the obscurity?– Page read by MICHELLE FLANAGAN.

483Our melancholic solitude is profound, it is not sweet or sultry. It is aesthetic. It fills us with contemplative passivity, and that feels good. Light links all our propensities and passions together, and numbs them. The wretched ones among us cannot perceive that kind of beauty.– Page read by MICHAEL BARBA.

482Thinking is not action on its own. Thinking about thinking doesn’t lead anywhere. Thinking about feeling is not going to be able to bend the past out of its eternal shape. Stop justifying yourself and start creating your own pictures.– Page read by ALEX SCHAEFER.

481We’re infatuated with Beginnings and Eternity and forget that everything ends. The End is closer than it may appear. Against the anxiety of nothingness we speak very little and we listen to question marks. But the bottom line is that everything ends.– Page read by DAVID P. EARLE.