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414Sometimes people don’t show they like you, they avoid at all costs the slight suspicion that you may be thinking they think you are doing something right. Sometimes the confronting silence of being disdained by others actually means you are succeeding. Don’t expect many people to be happy for you.

413We are always comparing what we are with what we should be: richer, more recognized, more renowned, more erudite, more loving, more artistic, more traveled, younger looking. And in the meantime, we squander hours waiting for more hours, while we dry the sap off our senses and the blood from our veins complaining about the mediocrity of our life.

406Why is closing a door a problem? Why do we insist being in the same room that’s suffocating us? Our favorite pastime is getting stuck winning. Simply leave the conversation, politely, leave the room, and close the door behind you. And if they follow you, keep closing that door, over and over again, politely, until they get it.

404One of the main intentions of the Visual Arts is to educate us to be good lovers, not to shove us in a dusty corner while some shallow people pretend, which is what usually happens instead. Lovers of colors and shapes, lovers of functions, lovers of poetic meanings, and ultimately, lovers of people.