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30Question to Jockum Nordström: Do you always complete the work you start, or do you sometimes leave work unfinished?

I think you’re in good shape when you have a lot of things unfinished. That way there is always room to go on with your work, somewhere to take off from. Still, I can’t leave a project before it has a little bit of a soul. It must have a soul before I leave it alone.

28I am a teetotaler. I really don’t know how I came to be one. I think it was a natural development. I didn’t know this had a label, though. I learned about it watching Downton Abbey. I guess everything has a label these days.

25There are many themes in the novel. One of theme is guilt. It is one of the main reasons I love the story. The hero, Pip, feels guilty about everything, all the time. He assumes culpability in each relationship, even though he’s always innocent. He takes the guilt of the world on his shoulders.

22On Sunday I got a little porcelain figurine. It’s a little naked cherub-like young man pushing a wheelbarrow that has a cracked porcelain egg with embedded pink roses on it. The egg opens and the whole thing becomes a small jewelry box. It reminds me of the little white crockery poodles described on this page.

21It’s the highly stressful and quickly paced Christmas scene. Dinner with 6, plus Pip. There is a reference to statues here, a trend in the 13th C. to render knights in statues with their legs crossed. Legs crossed at feet=1 Crusade campaign, crossed at knees=2 Crusades, crossed at thighs=3 Crusades. How do you cross your legs?