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126Deprived of life, a dead person is then a corpse, cadaver, a body, a set of remains, and finally a skeleton.

125Oxytocin is a hormone that, among many things, affects your empathy levels. The less oxytocin, the more mean, aggressive, and evil you become. Stress lowers your oxytocin levels. Maybe that’s why everyone is so mean these days.

121Great Expectations was first published as ongoing weeklies in Dickens’ magazine, All the Year Round. To engage the readers, and bring in new ones, Dickens had to write each week a part of the story that was absorbing, captivating, and full of drama. I think that’s why the novel feels like a speeding race.

119How to deal with bullies: know what kind you are dealing with; work your way around them; show minimum reaction to them; do not make jokes at your own expense to prove anything to them; reflect an insult back to them; report them to an authority figure; help others; RUN! (Apply also to ex espouses).