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449Why are we always encouraged to pardon our enemies, to learn from them, to conquer them with love? I’m not interested in that kind of salvation, not fond of any kind of lesson in there. I like to keep my doubts, I like to settle my thoughts. I have no problem embracing scorn.

448What’s tremendous about being subjected against your will is not the suffering or the subjection itself. It is grasping the fact that another person has control over you. They decide what you will hear, do, and feel. Is it love or is it pain?

447Fear has a bitter cold taste, and it’s painful. It is always uninvited and unexpected and it leaves on its own terms. Fear makes us hurt ourselves, it overwhelms us. You can’t look at it, you can’t scape from it, you can’t divide it, and you can’t forget it.

444We are selectively and blindly ungrateful. We unconsciously decide who to appreciate and who to disown, and that usually changes each day. We are superficial by nature, only concerned with events and not with their consequences. We are selfish by nature, only concerned with people in relation to us and not from their own point of view.

442Precautions become the law of the matter against beautiful hindrances. Our vocabulary is so limited when we address them, we repeat the same words until they weaken and die. On top of it, we are afraid of writing ill-written letters to them.