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The Artist

The artist pageMy name is Julio Panisello. I’m an artist living and working in Los Angeles.

Art and Education are my passions. I concentrate on drawing and painting on various physical and digital supports using diverse media, but I also experiment with other artistic languages.

I got my academic training at the Fine Arts School in the University of Barcelona, where I graduated with a Cum Laude Bachelor of Arts degree in Painting, and a postgraduate degree in Pedagogy.

My life in California started working as a teacher in some of toughest schools in the nation working along some of the most talented educators in the country from whom I learned about the power of language and creativity to communicate ideas, a concept that has become the silver lining behind my art work.

I’m currently the lead artist and teacher at Art Works Studio and Classroom, a renowned art studio in Los Angeles where I vertebrate the art curriculum, teach it, and share my artistic vision along other talented artists.

I’m also the creator of the The Havisham Hour, a visual arts project and community spanning 513 days and followed by thousands of people, based on Charles Dickens’ novel Great Expectations.

You can see my artwork in my website: You can also follow me on Facebook or my blog, where you can find out about other projects I’m working on.

Send an email if you want to stop by my art studio: