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Saving Miss Havisham

JulianI am honored to announce my personal collaboration with one of the most beloved farms and animal sanctuaries in the Los Angeles area dedicated to the rescue and care of abandoned and mistreated animals, Where Every Animal Has A Home. Julian and Carol presented their patronage of The Havisham Hour project during this holiday season with the rescue of a beautiful turkey from a high-kill auction house. I was honored to be able to name this turkey after one of the most enchanting ladies I have ever met: Miss Havisham.

In return, I am reaching out to all of my respectable friends and art lovers, who have been so supportive of the Havisham Hour project, to participate in a fundraising initiative to save Miss Havisham. Starting today, please consider donating as little as one dollar, and as much as your budget would allow during this upcoming holiday season, to help Miss Havisham live a happy, healthy, loving live.

Your support will go directly and entirely into daily care, feed, and medical expenses, not only to Miss Havisham, but also to many loving disregarded animals that have been rescued by Julian and Carol, who provide loving daily care without any 3rd party support. Please be the first one to pass this news to all your loving friends and family members. I visited Julian and Carol’s farm today, and met Miss Havisham for the first time. I started a Facebook Page just for her (Saving Miss Havisham) where I’ll be posting photos of the visit and the exciting collaboration. Please like the page to get updates of this exciting collaboration. I will also keep this page updated with information about the campaign.