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460There is no relief in realizing how frightening it is to dissolve into an inky river after the person who’s supposed to pull you out of the flowing stream suddenly eclipses. Your head, the only part of your body above the cold, dark water, feels as solitary as the moments of profound regret. You’re alone with your own self-destructive thoughts, and you are going to freeze.

4568:40 AM: The Havisham Hour. Day/Page/Sketch 456 of 513 from Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. –Those times when I feel like a resentful harlequin, drinking the bitter venom of others while being left in a corner to smile. I pull the petals of a daisy that a stranger slipped under the door: detains me, detains me not.– Page read by JULIO PANISELLO here: Visit to order fine prints, listen to previous podcasts, and to learn more about this project. ©2014 Julio Panisello.

444We are selectively and blindly ungrateful. We unconsciously decide who to appreciate and who to disown, and that usually changes each day. We are superficial by nature, only concerned with events and not with their consequences. We are selfish by nature, only concerned with people in relation to us and not from their own point of view.

442Precautions become the law of the matter against beautiful hindrances. Our vocabulary is so limited when we address them, we repeat the same words until they weaken and die. On top of it, we are afraid of writing ill-written letters to them.

428When I was a kid no one told me that some people show love by tearing the people they love down. I would have thought then that it was a ridiculous idea, until I started finding out that it’s not an exception. A lot of people understand love exclusively when they make the people they love suffer. It’s disgusting.