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414Sometimes people don’t show they like you, they avoid at all costs the slight suspicion that you may be thinking they think you are doing something right. Sometimes the confronting silence of being disdained by others actually means you are succeeding. Don’t expect many people to be happy for you.

413We are always comparing what we are with what we should be: richer, more recognized, more renowned, more erudite, more loving, more artistic, more traveled, younger looking. And in the meantime, we squander hours waiting for more hours, while we dry the sap off our senses and the blood from our veins complaining about the mediocrity of our life.

389Being constantly worried means to think of oneself constantly, incapable to visualize a neutral path forward. In this fragile state you want to be considered invisible and you want people to be completely ignorant of your proceedings. Except that, deep in your mind, you really don’t want that, you want the opposite of that.


388Glued to ourselves, we’re unable to leave the course imbedded in our own misery. Maybe that’s why we love things that are official, so we don’t have to think or take responsibilities. We especially love things that are extra official. It’s fun being evasive, isn’t it?