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510Too much self-contemplation will make you not forget anything in your life. Never mind fretting about the mirrors. You have to be truly perverse to understand goodness, and looking endlessly into your own centrifugal self will get you there, quickly. However, I doubt you’ll ever be eloquent enough to understand the opposite point. We get stuck on perverse.– Page read by FARRAH KARAPETIAN.

509We’re not advanced, we’re just better at decorating using myths and symbols. Doubts are not more explicable now, facts aren’t less disconcerting. We’ve always known everything, our ancestors have always known everything, yet we make the same mistakes they made. We march to our tombstones with our bodily eyes looking nowhere, a little more gray, a little more complacent.– Page read by NORA MENKEN.

508Am I an inept artist? No, just dishonest and predictable. There is no secret formula to be an artist, you just have to do a good job at it and share it in the end, that’s all. There are no shortcuts. Charlatanism + ecstasy=lazy art, right?– Page read by NICHOLAS FENNESSY.

507We live frugally and then we say goodbye, that’s the goal. In reality we always aspire to quit everything, and we repetitively ask for forgiveness. Life says goodbye to us instead. And then we turn to dust. The end — Page read by CHRIS PARIS.

506Waiting with a quivering lip for answers, I melted after a string of non-words. Life is impossible at low temperature, that’s why I reached the conclusion that Silence cannot accept normal temperatures and therefore it is doomed to fall.– Page read by MAT GLEASON.

505How smart are you and I? Under duress, we become too obsessed with survival issues, neglecting creativity and love. If we stop analyzing, pondering, figuring out, measuring and weighting every issue we will become smarter. I know, you don’t believe me, do you?– Page read by SEAN RILEY.