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477It becomes the decision of a lifetime when we are about to let go of our worldly possessions. It feels like a tragic sacrifice. We can’t stop serving our things with all our heart. We’re unable make a distinction between them and their owner, us. Let them go, you’re not a poor owner now, you can take long walks now.– Page read by ERIC RIPPIN.

476We lack an accurate sense of size and space between us and the rest of the world. Things seem too much, too big, too overwhelming. We feel we won’t last long in our own distortion, that we cannot do better than go. People teach us how to size an place things properly but we prefer to have our ears shut.– Page read by CAITLIN McCARTHY.

475Are you afraid to think of the future? Would you like to know how to dismiss it? I think you should quit being preoccupied with Astrology. Astrology always points at you in the face and tells you how physically and mentally tiny you are, and that you have no future. Just go outside and play with other humans.– Page read by RAYMOND BURNS.