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80Gay Day at Disneyland is the largest Gay Pride festival in the world. The point is to go to the gayest place on Earth and reclaim the joys of childhood lost to homophobia growing up. And you wear something RED because you want to make yourself visible to the world and show everyone you’re happy and proud as you are.

35 Shouting in the Dark is a book of John Bramblitt’s life, his struggles with epilepsy, his race against time as he prepares for complete vision loss, and his determination to find a way out of the engulfing shadows of blindness. It is the story of how he rekindles his capacity for joy, hope, and relationships through painting and teaching art. the book challenges you to rethink your perception of blindness and what it means to truly see.

34An imp is a mythological being similar to a fairy or demon. Imps are usually small and not very attractive. They are often mischievous rather than evil or harmful, much the same as fairies. In fact, they both share the same sense of free spirit and enjoyment of all things fun. Imps are lonely little creatures always in search of human attention.

30Question to Jockum Nordström: Do you always complete the work you start, or do you sometimes leave work unfinished?

I think you’re in good shape when you have a lot of things unfinished. That way there is always room to go on with your work, somewhere to take off from. Still, I can’t leave a project before it has a little bit of a soul. It must have a soul before I leave it alone.