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483Our melancholic solitude is profound, it is not sweet or sultry. It is aesthetic. It fills us with contemplative passivity, and that feels good. Light links all our propensities and passions together, and numbs them. The wretched ones among us cannot perceive that kind of beauty.– Page read by MICHAEL BARBA.

482Thinking is not action on its own. Thinking about thinking doesn’t lead anywhere. Thinking about feeling is not going to be able to bend the past out of its eternal shape. Stop justifying yourself and start creating your own pictures.– Page read by ALEX SCHAEFER.

481We’re infatuated with Beginnings and Eternity and forget that everything ends. The End is closer than it may appear. Against the anxiety of nothingness we speak very little and we listen to question marks. But the bottom line is that everything ends.– Page read by DAVID P. EARLE.

480We were collectors, now we’re hoarders. We mince junk indiscriminately and leave it unmasked, scattered. On our graveyard shift we sit by a conveyor belt that has no beginning and no off switch. The only thing we’re worried about is that our melted brains don’t tip over.– Page read by CARLSON HATTON.

479Is there pleasure in doing things without preparation? I am too heedful to the future to have any amount of estimable unconsciousness. The eternal cycles grind on. Hope turns arid. No one likes to be unprepared.– Page read by MARC ARRANAGA.

478The cloak of envy looks corrosive, humiliating, damaging. It seems to confirm our own failure. But underneath it hides a redemptive purpose: the opportunity to know what we want to achieve and how we want to achieve it. Don’t let it throw into despair, deny it or let it make you angry. Envy is one of your teachers.– Page read by MIKE SAMUELSEN.

477It becomes the decision of a lifetime when we are about to let go of our worldly possessions. It feels like a tragic sacrifice. We can’t stop serving our things with all our heart. We’re unable make a distinction between them and their owner, us. Let them go, you’re not a poor owner now, you can take long walks now.– Page read by ERIC RIPPIN.

476We lack an accurate sense of size and space between us and the rest of the world. Things seem too much, too big, too overwhelming. We feel we won’t last long in our own distortion, that we cannot do better than go. People teach us how to size an place things properly but we prefer to have our ears shut.– Page read by CAITLIN McCARTHY.

475Are you afraid to think of the future? Would you like to know how to dismiss it? I think you should quit being preoccupied with Astrology. Astrology always points at you in the face and tells you how physically and mentally tiny you are, and that you have no future. Just go outside and play with other humans.– Page read by RAYMOND BURNS.

474You will be so lonely. You think you’re going to inherit someone’s possessions, you know it for a fact. But people don’t need you because they love you, they love you because they need you. Your disfigured reality is not accurate. You should leave soon, you have to leave soon.– Page read by ROBERT APODACA.

472Self-contempt wrecks everything, turns people into ruins, causes decay. Unfortunately self-content is eternal, the more you try to diminish it the bigger it grows. It always comes back until it dies with you. It precedes your death actually, perhaps by only minutes, when it’s too late to go back and live your entire life without fake, self-constructed hierarchies.– Page read by DEVON GLOVER (

471I’m worried about forgetting. What matters are not places or moments, just how graceful you remain until time makes repugnance to people melt away. You must remember to keep great constancy in being affectionate though, otherwise your wet and decayed stockings will reveal that you were as average as every other drowned person lost in their watery graves.– Page read by PAUL FREED.

470How can you distinguish between being under water and being above water? You can’t if you’re compulsively busy. You can’t if you mitigate and desensitize the few spare moments where you find yourself with nothing to do and no one to talk to. You can’t if you feel superior to others more often than not. You can’t if you defense your crankiness. You can’t if you think the world conspires against you. You already drowned yourself.– Page read by NOAH BECKER.

469Positive feelings are a luxury these days. They’re only appropriate in certain places and at certain times, and they are mostly judged upon. You don’t see them in a crowded mall where we’re heavy-footed, shuffling, mincing along, waddling, like paunchy sculptures weighted down by rolls of numbing gloom.– Page read by YOSHIE SAKAI.